Reinventing Business Marketing In Agriculture & Services

Date Friday 4th of Oct 2019 - From 9:30 Am to 12h30.

2019/10/04 09:30:00

Seminar Agenda RBM 2019 

Ban Tổ chức Hội nghị 2017-2018
Organizing Committee and Supporting Partners RBM 

Diễn giả Hội nghị RBM 2018
Speakers of  RBM 2018

Đối tác hỗ trợ, truyền thông/ Supporting Partners RBM 2018


Seminar Venue 2019:
University of Nông Lâm Ho Chi Minh City, Nhà Thiên Lý.
Seminar Venue 2017-2018:
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City